Keeping your pet from running away

It is devastating when your pet runs away from home, but there are ways to help prevent your cat or dog from becoming a lost pet.

One key to making sure your pet does not run away is prevention, such as having a fenced in yard and walking them on a leash.  Make sure your pets have identification, like a collar with contact information.

Dogs and cats can also have a microchip implanted in them that shelters can scan if a pet is lost to contact the owner.

“You can get it (the microchip) at any time for your animal, it doesn’t matter the age,” UPAWS Manager Larenia Van Strien said.  “UPAWS does offer microchipping service as well as all the vet clinics in the area are great for offering that service.”

If your furry friend still happens to get loose, there are many things to get the word out about your lost pet.

“You’re going to want to contact the local shelters, including UPAWS and the surrounding community and give them a description (of the pet) as well as put fliers up,” Van Strien said.  “Social media is very strong right now, and social media is a great way to get the word out you’re missing your pet.  Make sure you talk to your neighbors, sometimes your neighbors will see where your pet went.”

If you happen to find a lost pet, Van Strien said an important thing to do is call an animal shelter and give a description of the animal.