Union rally draws small crowd

A small group of union workers gathered outside Westwood High School in Ishpeming Wednesday night as part of a ‘Stand Up for Unions’ rally.

Union members were outside the main entrance of the high school before the Westwood and Negaunee varsity boys basketball game for a rally that lasted about twenty minutes.

Although there were only around two dozen people, rally organizer B.G. Bradley said he was glad with the number of people that were in attendance.

“If union members can get little rallies like this all over the state, then the message continues to get out,” Bradley said. “And maybe we start to turn some political heads here and there.”

There was a short speech to pump up the union workers. Bradley gave the speech, saying unions are stronger together. He said unions have a secret: the motto “out of many, one”, meaning unions are stronger together.

The rally was held to remind the public to not take unions for granted. Union members wanted to also inform the public that unions have contributed things to society, such as the 40-hour work week and child labor laws.