Historic buildings featured in Marquette

Kaufman Auditorium was full Thursday night as people came to listen to a presentation about lost buildings in Marquette.

The “Lost Buildings of Marquette” program was put on by the Marquette Regional History Center as a fundraiser to support the Capital Campaign.

Jim Koski and Jack Deo presented photos of buildings in Marquette that are no longer standing.  Buildings shown were churches, schools and hospitals.  Many of the buildings used to be located downtown Marquette.

Koski and Deo told stories about what type of building was featured, what happened to the building and what stands there now.

Photos from the program came from the Marquette Regional History Center’s archives, J.M. Longyear Research Library and Deo’s own collection.

The Capital Campaign will use funds from tonight’s program to help pay off a loan the Marquette Regional History Center received a few years ago that helped finance the building and expand the organization’s exhibits, programs and events.