Mqt. County United Way campaign sign-ups

Marquette County nonprofit groups are running out of time for this year to sign up for help from one of their major sources of funding.

The United Way of Marquette County is taking applications through Friday for this year’s United Way campaign.

Sue Minckler says that to receive money, a nonprofit group needs to show basic documentation of its nonprofit status and what segment of the population it serves.

She says the United Way is asking for that documentation through 501(c)3 forms, information about each group’s board of directors and several other things.

Agencies that are signing up now will receive money collected in the current fundraising campaign.

The economy may still be sluggish, but donors are becoming more willing to give.

Minckler says donors have had an easier time opening up their wallets this year than the last two years.

The goal of this year’s campaign in Marquette County is $425,000, and the United Way is more than 90% of the way to meeting that goal.