Cold weather continues in Upper Michigan

It was another day of dangerously low temperatures across Upper Michigan.

Marquette County set a record Monday for the coldest ever temperature on January 21.  The new record is three degrees below zero.

The National Weather Service says things are looking a little better from this point on.  Temperatures will slowly start to rise, but not above 30 degrees.  A low pressure system swept through the U.P. last week, bringing down cold, arctic air from Canada.

Wind chill reports were the coldest over the western portions of the Upper Peninsula, where temperatures were down to 45 degrees below zero.

The lowest actual temperature reported so far across Upper Michigan today was 24 degrees below zero near Champion.  During these cold temperatures, it is important that you don’t stay outdoors for long periods of time without adequate winter gear.

Frostbite can occur in only ten minutes.  Wear layers of clothing and always wear gloves or mittens, and a winter hat.