Company Accused of Spa Rip-Off Responds

We have a follow-up report for you on a story we brought you last week.

On Wednesday, Mike Hoey spoke with a Marquette businesswoman who claims she’s been scammed.

Shelly Bingham owns the Bellisimo Salon in Marquette.

She paid nearly $30,000 for a machine that provides the sensation of a water massage without actually getting wet.

The SpaCapsule, which was supposed to be new, came to her with obvious signs of wear and tear.

It also had at least 30 hours of previous use logged on its own computer.

The SpaCapsule comes from Simulated Environment Concepts of Miami, Florida.

Mike contacted the company last Wednesday, and he received a reply over the weekend.

In an e-mail that he sent to Mike on Saturday, managing director Allen Licht said:

“…we are standing behind our product and our service. Though we delivered a brand new unit, we still have offered a complete replacement. If Mrs. Bingham chooses to accept our offer we will do it as quickly as possible.”

Bingham provided Mike with copies of e-mails from her attorney, Steven Pence of Marquette, to the Better Business Bureau of Southeast Florida.

Those e-mails say that she’s not satisfied with the company’s offer, that she and Pence believe this is interstate fraud, and that Pence has turned over all of this information to the FBI.