Local Teacher Becomes Published Children’s Author

After it sits on the shelf for a decade, a Gwinn teacher publishes her first children’s book.

Connie Sather teaches 3rd grade at Gilbert Elementary School.

She got her book, “Sadie the Sled Dog?”, published in December.

It’s about a basset hound named Sadie that wants to learn to pull a sled, and her best friend Chinook, a retired sled dog.

Both dogs are pets that Sather used to have.

Taylor Knetter, a 16-year-old student, drew up the illustrations.

Several area book and gift stores are selling “Sadie the Sled Dog?”.

But those aren’t the only places you can find it.

Sather says one of the advantages of going with the publisher that she went with is that you can now find the book on amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com.

If you go to U.P. 200 headquarters in Marquette or Grand Marais on race weekend, you’ll find signed copies of her book for sale in both places.

Sather is also writing a sequel, “Sadie Wins the Race?”, which she hopes to release before Christmas.