LSSU List of Words That Should Be Banished

Lake Superior State is once again calling for certain words and phrases to be eliminated from the language.

Lake State has just put out its 35th annual List of Words Banished from the Queen’s English.

A lot of them had to do with the President and policies he proposed in the last year.

Some examples of those?

‘Stimulus’, ‘shovel-ready’, ‘transparency’ and ‘czar’.

A couple have to do specifically with the recession, like ‘in these economic times’, ‘toxic assets’ and ‘too big to fail’.

The President’s name itself even made the list when it’s used as a prefix or suffix, as in ‘Obamacare’.

Other targets for banishment?

‘Teachable moment’, ‘friend’ when it’s used as a verb, ‘bromance’, ‘tweet’, ‘app’ instead of ‘application’ and “chillaxin'”.