Unfair Practices Accusation from Teachers’ Union

The Marquette city teachers’ union is accusing the school district of unfair labor practices.

It comes out of changes to the teachers’ retirement benefits.

This afternoon, the school board got together for a special meeting.

They voted to make a change to the district’s 403-B plan.

It’s the equivalent of a 401-K retirement account, but for government or nonprofit employees.

The change involved who oversees the money the teachers invest.

There are concerns from the Marquette Area Education Association that after being initially told the money to pay the 3rd-party administrator wouldn’t come from the teachers, they’ve been told it may in fact come from them.

The IRS ordered school systems all over Michigan to hire a plan administrator.

Board president Al Hawker says in spite of the teachers’ union’s intent to file a claim against them, the school board is on solid legal ground.

This isn’t the first time a possible claim came up.

Last year, the MAEA asked for a state hearing about a possible claim during their lengthy contract talks.

Neither the hearing nor the claim ever happened.