Suspected Car Thief’s Drowsiness Gets Him Caught

A Newberry man’s drowsiness gets in the way after he allegedly stole a car in Marquette over the weekend.

State police from the Newberry post say the 21-year-old is accused of doing that Saturday morning.

He’s believed to have crashed the stolen car in Luce County after falling asleep at the wheel.

The car was on West Spring Street in Marquette at 4 Saturday morning with the doors unlocked and the keys in the ignition.

While driving back to Newberry, the man is said to have fallen asleep on M-28 in Columbus Township.

A Sault Ste. Marie woman driving an oncoming car tried to avoid him but couldn’t.

She didn’t get hurt.

The man driving the stolen car was hurt, though.

He was treated at Helen Newberry Joy Hospital and released.

State police then arrested him for reckless driving and possessing a stolen motor vehicle.