Moose on the Loose in Ishpeming

Moose are certainly no strangers to heavily forested northern areas like the U.P., but how about if they’re wandering through a city?

That’s what Ishpeming residents found this morning…a family of moose on the loose.

We were able to get a look at a moose calf tromping its way down Third Street toward the center of town.

That one, as well as another calf and their mother, made their way through the city for most of the daylight hours.

Residents found them this morning on the east side of Ishpeming, near the new Creekside Condominiums.

By the afternoon, they had made their way toward US-41.

We were able to catch up with the moose as they rested in a ravine on Third Street, right across the street from the Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame.

A DNR conservation officer was on hand, trying to get the moose away from populated areas.

A wide range of law enforcement agencies helped out.

Ishpeming City Police, Ishpeming Township Police and county sheriff’s deputies were just some of those who showed up.

Even then, all that manpower was sometimes no match for moose power, but police were eventually able to keep the 3 visitors from the woods safely away.