Surf’s U.P. – Paddleboarding growing recreational watersport among Yoopers

Surf’s U.P. – Paddleboarding growing recreational watersport among Yoopers

HOUGHTON / HANCOCK — Kayakers and boaters often enjoy the waters of the Upper Peninsula but how about surfers? ABC 10’s Keweenaw Bureau Reporter Rick Allen explains.

Surf’s up! Well, not exactly. They may look like surfboards, but they are actually standup paddleboards, and though the sport may not be new, it’s becoming more and more popular in the Keweenaw.

Most boards are flatter than a typical surfboard and can ride on really calm waters while others have a concave bottom for riding the surf.

Laurie Kunz and her friend, Jacque Lett, are both in Houghton on vacation and they are going out for the third time on the boards.

Wisconsin resident and Houghton native Laurie Kunz said, “It’s kind of a nice upper–body workout. It’s fun to be on the water. Any watersport, I like, that we try.”

They rented their boards from a local shop, where many water enthusiasts are learning about the sport for the first time.

Year Round Gear owner Steve Jurmu said, “It takes a little bit of balance, but once you get your balance in a center position on the board, it’s pretty easy going. Just a little bit of instruction—about five to ten minutes of instruction for a group of about five to ten people—and you can be on your way, having some fun.”

Since boards rent for only about $50 a day, there’s likely to be more on the water.