New statue to be unveiled at U.S. Ski Hall of Fame

ISHPEMING — With construction on the roundabout projects in Ishpeming rolling along, a nearby attraction has also begun making some improvements.

In addition to brand new parking lots, a new courtyard, and high–efficiency lighting, the area in front of the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame and Museum will soon be getting a statue to match its ski–jump inspired facade.

The statue’s design is based on a photograph of the late Rudy Maki, a record–setting ski jumper and Hall of Famer since 1982 — but it’s not just a tribute to Maki himself.

“The statue itself isn’t per se a statue of Rudy,” said Executive Director Justin Koski. “It’s a statue from that era — sort of a tribute to all ski jumpers.”

Officials hope that the combination of traffic slowing down through the roundabout and the new look of the Hall of Fame will get people in the door — and into the city itself.

“I think the statue and the whole front presence, along with the beautiful work on the roundabout, will engage more people — more visitors to the area — to stop,” Koski added. “When people come in to visit, they ask where to go for food, what there is to do. So we can offer up all of those suggestions and really drive people into the downtown area or just staying in our community.”

The statue is scheduled to be unveiled September sixteenth, and hopes are high that the other improvements will be in place in October.