Starting today, Michigan residents can file their 2023 tax year state individual income tax returns electronically or file them through the U.S. Postal Service.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer reminds folks about the expansion of Michigan EITC for working families from 6% to 30% under the Lowering MI Costs Plan. 

Another Michigan tax change Whitmer recommends residents look into is the retirement tax rollback which she said will benefit more retirees in Michigan and will over a four-year period restore pre-21012 retirement and pension subtraction for most Michigan taxpayers by 2026.

“Working families and retirees will save and get more money back when they file their taxes this year,” Whitmer said. “Last year, we rolled back the retirement tax and quintupled the working families tax credit, saving hundreds of thousands of Michiganders money on their taxes. I am so proud our new legislative majority delivered over $1 billion in tax relief to help Michiganders care for their families, pay the bills, or save for a rainy day.”

All individual income tax returns must be electronically filed or postmarked by Monday, April 15. 

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