Wildlife Wednesday: Deer eating the tomatoes!

Today’s Wildlife Wednesday photo comes to us from Micki Hupp, who is the grandmother of ABC 10 reporter Trevor Freeman. Micki captured this October photo of a doe and her fawn in the backyard of Micki’s Ishpeming home.

Although she enjoys looking at wildlife, Micki said she was not quite as enamored by the site of these two deer for what they were caught in the act of doing. An avid gardener, she said “they were eating my tomatoes; I wasn’t very happy!”

Micki said there are more deer who like to frolic around her home, including a one-year-old and a twin to the baby featured in this photo. The gardening grandmother said she came to a certain conclusion upon snapping this photo. “When I took the picture i realized i can’t have a garden if i don’t have a fence,” she said.