Dearborn Steel Plant Violates EPA Regulations

The Justice Department and EPA announced a modification to a 2015 Decree between the United States and the State of Michigan with Cleveland–Cliffs Steel Corporation (formerly A-K

steel). The decree is requiring the companies Dearborn steel manufacturing plant to resolve clean air act violations.

Because measures failed to bring the plant into full clean air act compliance, over $100 million dollars in modifications are now being required to reduce visible emissions from the plant, as well as

curtail emissions of manganese and lead. Inhalation of lead and manganese can cause various, negative health effects.

The modification requires replacement of the plant’s electro–static precipitator.

An “ESP” will remove particulate matter from exhaust gases that stem from the plants operations.

The company will also pay a civil penalty of $81,380 dollars for violating the states lead and manganese limits.

Additionally, nearby residents will receive home air purifiers, at a cost of $244,000 dollars.