UPHS – Portage Will Continue Wake Up Walks in Houghton and Hancock During the Fall and Winter

Throughout the summer locals have met in Houghton and Hancock in the mornings to start their day by getting active. The wake-up Walks with UP Health Systems portage has been growing in popularity, and the hospital plans to continue the exercise program through the fall and into the winter. Community Health Coordinator Angela Luskin says that they want to show the community that it can be easy to get active, even when the temperatures drop.

You know we have inter for so many months in our area you have to work on ways to embrace it. And I think these walk-up walks are a way we can learn to embrace our wonderful area, even in the winter. Especially for those that are, you know, maybe second guessing or may be hesitant to get out and get moving” Angela Luskin, Community Health Coordinator, UPHS – Portage

Wake-up walks with UP Health Systems Portage invite residents of all ages to join their groups on Monday and Wednesday mornings in Houghton and Hancock. As the seasons begin to change from fall into winter, UPHS portage encourages residents to try out a brisk early morning walk with new friends. But they also want to remind people to dress appropriately for the weather conditions.

Wake-up walks in Houghton meet at the waterfront pier at 9 a.m. on Mondays. Hancock’s wake-up walks begin at the same time but take place on Wednesdays starting at the Scott building on Quincy street.