Chassell Receives 153,000 Dollars for Lead Service Line Identification

Throughout the state, municipalities are working with residents to remove lead service lines from homes. A portion of the efforts have been funded by the state, notably through the Environment Great Lakes and Energy Department. Recently EGLE announced several municipalities throughout the state will receive grant funds to support various stages in lead service line removal. The Michigan Clean Water Plan grants funds are supported through the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund, Clean Water State Revolving Fund, Emerging Contaminants in Small or Disadvantaged Communities Grant Program, and support from the state’s ARPA funds. Chassell Township will receive 153,770 dollars from the Technical, Managerial, and Financial Grants program. The Technical and managerial grants are used by communities that need to identify unknown service lines, or for replacement preparation. The process includes hydrovacing either side of each curb stop and performing in-building investigations. The grant funds awarded to Chassell Township are a part of a 28 million dollar total grant award to several communities in Michigan. Learn more about the grant funding here.