Giving Tuesday Will be Here Soon, Non-Profit Applications are Open

It feels great to give to a great cause. Especially when you know those dollars will stay in the local area, and support local people. But before Copper Shores Community Health Foundation can pick up the phone and receive that first Giving Tuesday Donation. The foundation needs to find local organizations wishing to participate in the biggest day of giving in the Upper Peninsula.

“I think the bigger part of the participants getting involved with this, is just the connections they make with each other and with the community in general. You know, a lot of them are organizations that fit a really niche market so they weren’t known outside of a small amount of people.” Michael Babcock, Director of Communications and Donor Relations

During the last few years, Giving Tuesday donations have continued to break the foundation’s records. The event has helped to spread millions of dollars to local organizations that may find it difficult to get out into the public eye.

“Get their name out there and some have doubled even quadrupled their donor lists. And those donors are people who care about what they’re ding. They just might not have known about them before. I look at the work that the Copper Country Angel Mission has been to do before their total donation income was minuscule compared to when they got involved with this. And what they noticed is that when they got involved with this that allowed them to get involved with a lot more people. And get to know a lot more people who can help them out in other ways as well.” Michael Babcock, Director of Communications and Donor Relations

Giving Tuesday has had several friends join the Copper Shores Community Health Foundation in the past. Many have been returning groups, but the foundation says they are always looking for new organizations to join in the historic day of giving.

This year we set a deadline for October 9th. We want the applications in by the end of the day that day. We will go through with our Donor and Community Relations Committee and choose the partners pretty quickly after that. So that deadline is pretty hard, we want to make sure everything is submitted by then. In part, like I said we will move pretty quickly after that deadline with the nonprofits to start planning what we are going to do for the year. And we do have a pretty exciting year coming up ahead of us. And we will have some more announcements coming up soon with the things we are working on.” Michael Babcock, Director of Communications and Donor Relations

Leaders or volunteers with non-profit organizations from around the copper country are encouraged to submit a Giving Tuesday application no later than October 9th. Copper Shores has a lot of plans for this year’s Giving Tuesday in November, and cannot wait to bring the day back to the community.

Learn more about the Giving Tuesday 2023 plans with the Copper Shores Community Health Foundation here.