A Hancock Nursing Facility Reported to Have Numerous Issues Putting Residents Health at Risk

HANCOCK – A Hancock nursing care facility is in some hot water with state agencies. Last week an inspection report for the Mission Point – Hancock facility from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services came to light. The 106 page report includes complaints ranging from low levels of staff on hand at the facility, lack of proper care and safety considerations for the facility’s fort-two residents, and numerous maintenance issues with the building.

After speaking with an anonymous former employee, we have learned that the issues were known by the facility’s corporate headquarters in metro Detroit. Medicare evaluations show that the facility has been fined 85,140 dollars since June of 2020 for violations. And Medicare suspended payments to the facility on two occasions due to poor performance. In November of last year the facility experienced a Covid 19 breakout. Inspectors noted that poor Covid 19 protocol performances likely contributed to that incident. The full report concludes, quote, “This deficient practice resulted in wide-spread neglect of all forty-two facility residents at a level of immediate jeopardy.”

Mission point’s corporate office issued a statement last Thursday, saying they are aware of the issues facing the facility, and the state’s inspection report. They went further to say they plan to take aggressive measures to rectify those problems when outlining a plan for the facility, will pursue qualified employees and solve debts with vendors. Mission point operates 29 facilities in the country, most under the mission point moniker; three are located in the Upper Peninsula, and one is located in Nevada. Find a link to the full Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services inspection here.

Read Mission Point statement released to our friends at the Keweenaw Report last week, here. You can find the statement linked at the bottom of the Keweenaw Report’s article.