The Copper Axe Officially Opens for 4th of July Weekend

CALUMET – Do you ever need to take out a little aggression, or want to enjoy an emerging past time? Axe throwing might give you just the release you need. The Copper Axe held a ribbon cutting ceremony in Calumet.  The new facility will celebrate its grand opening tomorrow. Main Street Calumet Director Leah Polzin says it is fantastic to see another business makes their home in Calumet’s historic downtown.

“So in the past five to six years, we’ve really seen a lot of businesses coming to town, project rehabs happening. And Copper Axe is another one building on that momentum. We’re excited to have a new venue for residents and visitors. It’s a great thing to come and do, it’s great to blow off steam. And if we’ve got that rainy day for our visitors, who maybe are camping, it’s a great indoor thing to do. Super fun for the family, and it’s pretty unique I think.” – Leah Polzin, Main Street Calumet Director

Axe throwing lanes, take a similar approach to darts or bowling, where throwers will keep score of how close they are to the target. Its become a growing way to pass the time in recent years. And, axe throwing venues have become trendy hangout spots in major cities. Justin High co-owns The Copper Axe with his wife Jamie. He says that they were looking for utilize the second half of their building, when they came across the activity.

“How it came about is, well we bought the building for our other business, and we had this extra space that needed a lot more work on it. And so we were just trying to what to do with it, because we didn’t want to be landlords. We already are business owners, and decided we wanted to do something else. We figured, we’d start looking into this axe throwing thing. It seemed to fit with the local area, it’s kinda woodsy. And fun to do, and some people may enjoy a beer or two, and thought it might be popular.” – Justin High, The Copper Axe Co-Owner

The Copper Axe’s grand opening starts at 10 a.m. on Saturday. It will feature live music and a wide number of deals to take advantage of. A valid ID and closed toed shoes are required to participate in activities at the copper axe. Staff will fill you in on all parlor rules.

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Located at 307 5th Street, Calumet.