Better Business Practices with the Better Business Bureau

HANCOCK – In the last decade and a half online reputation is a thought at the forefront of many business owners minds. How to keep a good reputation and what to do when a customers posts about a negative experience. Today marks the return of Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce’s lunch and learn events. The chamber invited the Better Business Bureau from their offices in Detroit, to learn about how the BBB can help small businesses in the Upper Peninsula keep up a good appearance in the age of the internet.

“Today we talked about online business reputation management. Its a big part of what the Better Business bureau does with our business profiles, customer reviews. And even the dispute resolution that BBB does. And we talked about why it is important for businesses to respond to complaints. Because complaints aren’t necessarily always a bad thing. Because then you can show your future customers how you handled that situation. Because we realize, sometimes not everyone sees eye to eye, and that’s why it’s good to work things out with your customers. When you can.” – Laura Blankenship, Chief of Staff and Director of Marketing for the Better Business Bureau

The biggest customer service tool for a business is controlling how to respond when a negative review comes in. Responding quickly and with a positive mindset can be the biggest difference when resolving a customer complaint. Because many customer reviews are on public forums it is best to acknowledge a review and resolve the situation in a personal way. The better business bureau has a wide variety of resources at their disposal for business owners. Check out more information with the Better Business Bureau at Their office works for all businesses in Michigan.