Ishpeming Chief of Police, Steven Snowaert is Retiring

Steven Snowaert, who was named Chief of Police for the city of Ishpeming five years ago, is retiring.

Snowaert, who served Marquette county for over fourty years as a law enforcement officer, thanked the community officers and residents of Ishpeming in a facebook post last month.
Ishpeming’s city manager, Craig Cugini, said Snowaert has shaped a path to public safety in the community.
“He worked hard to secure some quality leases on vehicles, making sure all the equipment was operational, he was always looking out for the officer’s safety and their ability to do their job effectively and efficiently,” said Cugini.
Snowaert has also implemented bike patrols in the city and started a community biking program that thrives in the summer.
Cugini said that while their organization is sad for itself, they are very happy and proud for the work that Steve has done for the city and for the community.
“He is a very professional individual, someone you can count on always. We’re going to miss him. Retirmeent is a bitter sweet moment.”

A qualified individual on the force has stepped up as the acting chief of police, as the city goes through a formal process of selecting the right individual. In the meantime, no individual has been chosen for the position.