Gladstone High School Holds Mock Interviews for Seniors

For more than a decade, Gladstone High School has helped seniors prepare and practice their interview skills.

On Wednesday, all seniors took part in mock interviews with twenty five employers from both Escanaba and Gladstone. About one hundred seniors were interviewed in groups of three or four.

“It is the perfect opportunity for students to show their skills in an interview and receive some positive feedback,” said Andrew Jacques, principal of Gladstone High School. “The goal is to help students feel confident walking into job interviews after graduation.”

“I never really had a sit-down interview experience like this and I really think that it’s giving us a cool atmosphere to know what we’re going to see in the future,” said Veronica Hall, Senior Class President at Gladstone High School.

Students prepared over a month ago and created real resumes they can use for the mock interviews and in real life.