Keweenaw Bay Classic Fishing Tournament Returning in June

Courtesy of Outdoors Weekly

L’ANSE – The 2022 Keweenaw Bay Classic Fishing Tournament returns once again June 10th and 11th. Described as one of the largest fishing tournaments in the state, the Keweenaw Bay has a long history of anglers pulling out some of the largest trout and salmon superior has to offer. Chase Palosaari volunteers to help put on the tournament, and says that they try to focus on more than just the fish. But the community and the local business who sponsor the competition.

That day, it can be pretty hectic out there. But there’s a lot of body of water to fish. As far as getting registered, we got local sign ups available at all the local fishing shops including; Northwoods Sporting Goods, Indian Country, Wilkinson General Store, and Marquette Powersports. We kept inside the local businesses for the reason being, getting more fott traffic into these local business and local shops. For people coming from out of the area, you can register at the mandatory pre tournament meeting. And that’s goingto beon June 10th at 6 pm in the L’Anse Meadowbrook Arena.” – Chase Palosaari, Tournament Organizer

Early registration ends on May 15th, but anglers can sign up, right up until the pre tournament fishermen’s meeting on the 10th. The tournament focuses on raising the names of the people and the community who help put on the event year in, and year out. There are plenty of events for families and kids to enjoy while fishermen are out on the boats. The Keweenaw Bay Classic will be held at the L’Anse waterfront June 10th and 11th.

Boats are limited to teams of four anglers. One person per team will need to be over the age of 18. The Pre Tournament meeting will be at 6 pm on June 10th at the Meadowbrook Arena, in L’Anse. Registration forms for fishermen can be found at a few different bait shops around the area, please contact the Keweenaw Bay Lake Trout Festival for information on where to find registrations spots. Chase Palossari 906 370 9034 or Steve Koski 906 395 1282.

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