Temporary Marijana events allowed in Marquette

Marquette – Marquette is now one of a handful of cities that allow temporary marijuana permits within its borders.

The Marquette City Commission voted unanimously on Monday to allow temporary marijuana events on both public and private property.

Each individual event would need commission approval in advance.

Commissioner Fred Stonehouse told the commission that the policy is a good place to start.

“It’s all a brave new world for us. Certainly we’re going to be experimenting, I think, as we move along.,” Stonehouse said. “This seems to be a very reasonable start point from which we can take modifications, gain experience and have the opportunity to learn more. ”

Tourist Park, Lakeview Arena and the Presque Isle Pavilion are the locations that public events can be held.

The city will allow smoking events at Tourist Park, but only in April and October, the slowest months of the camping season.

Event-holders must pay a $500 per day fee and rent out all the campsites in the park for the duration of their event.

The $500 fee per day also applies to non-smoking events at the Presque Isle Pavilion and Lakeview arena.

The city requires events on private property to have the appropriate buffers. All state permits and licenses would also be required.