Meet Herbie!

Herbie was adopted from the Alger County Animal Shelter about three years ago but was returned recently after his owner could no longer take care of him.

Since then, this friendly guy has been a welcome addition to the Alger County Animal Shelter.

He will make a great pet and friend for anyone.

Despite his long fur, Herbie doesn’t shed much as long as he is brushed regularly.

Brushing him is easy because his fur is nice and soft. He also enjoys it a lot.

And of course, being a cuddly cat, he loves snuggles and, surprisingly, belly rubs.

Herbie is very playful and a gentle soul.

This six-year-old kitty gets along with cats, dogs and kids of all ages.

The bottom line is, if your family adopts this cat, he will certainly adopt you.

Contact the Alger County Animal Shelter at 906-387-4131 if you’re interested in hearing more about Herbie.