Houghton-To-Chassell Rail–Trail To Undergo Construction

Reconstruction activities are coming to a popular trail in Houghton County.

The Houghton-To-Chassell Rail–Trail will be having work done to repair flooding that occurred in the area in June of 2018.

“Heavy Equipment will have to go in there and will have to dig out some of the culverts that are blocked or collapsed. They will have to replace some of those with new culverts that were washed out. So there will be heavy equipment going in and out of the trail,” said John Pepin, Deputy Public Information Officer of the Michigan DNR. “The trail runs along the side of US 41 when you are heading between Chassell and Houghton. There are places and residences along the trail. There will be instances where we will have to remove trees and vegetation to get the heavy equipment in to repair the trail.”

Work will take place at six sites including the bridge over the Pilgrim River and at a total of five culverts on the trail.

The trail has been closed since 2018 and will remain closed until at least this August.