Velodrome Coffee Stays Open During Quarantine

MARQUETTE, Mich. -The recent stay at home three week order caused local businesses to once again adapt.

One of those businesses is Velodrome Coffee Company; a locally owned coffee shop that has had to make changes in order to stay open.

Velodrome owner Brice Sturmer says, “Something that is a little different this time is that we are open for carryout. So long as people are grabbing their beverages to go, so we are looking forward to doing everything we can to be safe and keep our employees safe, customers safe.”

Velodrome keeps everyone safe by wearing masks, social distancing, having curbside pick and limiting the customer and employee interaction.

It also takes a toll on the staff, especially of locally owned coffee shop where the staff from owner to server is all friends and enjoys the feeling of working with each other.

“It’s been tough physiologically and emotionally just not to have the interactions and to hang out as a staff. I think everyone realizes we have to do it for a reason and hopefully we can all work together and makes this better. Then we are just going to enjoy it even more once everything is open for good. ”

Local businesses like Velodrome will continue to provide a sense of home to its customers, even with mask or from six feet away until everything once again is safe to open back up.