Local student surprised with outrageous request

GWINN, Mich (WBUP) — A local student got student of the month and daughter of the year, thanks to a clever assignment from her teacher.

The Modeltowner made an off-the-wall request when she reached out with her writing for an inspiring lesson on caring about family and the community.

For seven years in a row, Amy Waldo has persuaded her ninth grade English students that their stories matter.

Her students favorite assignment is writing an outrageous request where they learn how to write persuasively.

Emily Bandel’s request was a heartfelt gesture to her mom and her mom’s co-workers who work at a barbershop in Marquette called “A Guy’s Place”

The school told Emily she won student of the month, but also revealed that the Wahl Clipper Company granted her outrageous request.

Both Emily and her mom were surprised by the announcement.

This was the largest request granted so far, according to Emily’s ninth grade English teacher.

The roughly $5,000.00 worth of products provided by Wahl include clipper sets, razors, hair care products, and a custom engraved razor for Emily’s mom.

Emily’s English teacher added that beyond the classroom, this outrageous request is a life lesson in communicating effectively and being kind.