MARQUETTE, Mich. – The month of October is Domestic Violence awareness month in Michigan.

Non–profit organizations such as the Women’s Center and Harbor House are two of the shelters that are promoting awareness.

Michelle Fortunato, Domestic Violence Program Coordinator at Women’s Center says, ” Just really learn more about what domestic violence, even coming and chatting with one of our advocates… just learning more and being aware of their situation, if you see something say something.” on what others can do to help raise awareness.

According to the Women’s Center, 1 in 3 Michigan families are affected by domestic violence.

“We can talk to you. Safety plan, what’s gonna work, best for you, and if you don’t want to come to us we’re able to get you out to another shelter, there are several throughout the U.P.”

To learn more about how to raise awareness click here, or dial 906-226-6611