GWINN, Mich. – The Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter has a new pet calendar out this year.

For ten dollars, pets entered into the contest to get them as one of the months in the calendar.

The winners were decided by paper ballots that voters could purchase for 25 cents each.

All the money raised goes directly into UPAWS general fund to help maintain the animal shelter.

UPAWS Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator Ann Brownell says, “Takes a lot of money to keep the animal shelter, finding them a home is the bottom line…we need to continue with fundraising even though COVID is happening, to support the shelter.”

The support will allow things such as food, water, cleaning supplies and vet care for the animals.

“Pets give you unconditional love and especially now…animals have been a very, very important part of their lives just like they always are but even more so now.”

You can purchase your own pet calendar here and support UPAWS.