Gwinn Community Schools preparing for upcoming school year

GWINN –Welcome back. That’s what people will be saying soon now that Gwinn Area Community Schools have a return plan in place for the upcoming school year.

“We had a group of stakeholders represented at the table as we created our plan,” said Sandra Petrovich, Superintendent of Gwinn Area Community Schools. “Including parents, teachers, administration, school board members, hourly employees so that we all had a voice at the table.”

The plan consist of students and staff being required to wear face coverings, daily cleansing of common and shared surfaces,  deep cleaning during the night, desk will be six feet apart in the classroom, and buses will be sanitized after being used in the morning and in the evening.

Petrovich and other members on the board have created different ways the school can be operated during the fall. For those students who still don’t feel comfortable being in their classroom after all these changes, Petrovich and others have created alternative ways for learning.

“We are currently working on an online option for those families, so that they can stay connected to the Gwinn schools,” Petrovich said.

Overall, Pretovich stressed that the number one goal is everyone’s safety.

“We know that not everyone in the community or even in the school district is going to agree with the plan that was created. We have done the best that we can with the best representation that we can of our stakeholders,” Petrovich stated.

The online option for students will be disclosed soon.