2020 Fresh Coast Film Festival cancelled

MARQUETTE — The 2020 Fresh Coast Film Festival has been cancelled.

The festival was set to take place in October, and festival organizers hoped that the COVID–19 pandemic would improve by then.

COVID case numbers continued rising and restrictions became tighter, which made it clear that holding the festival isn’t possible this year.

“We were determined to make it happen, even with the pandemic,” said co-founder Aaron Peterson. “We were gonna make a lot of adjustments to be able to make it safe for both our guests and volunteers, but it’s just not meant to be. It’s just not.”

The festival is about community and closeness, which is against the best interest in fighting the COVID–19 virus.

Those who purchased tickets for this year’s event can receive a refund, or have their purchase honored at next year’s festival.

More than 1,300 people attended the festival in 2019.