Superior Watershed Partnership offering assistance with energy bills

MARQUETTE — With many people in the UP struggling to pay energy bills because of the COVID–19 pandemic, one local nonprofit is stepping up to help.

The Superior Watershed Partnership is offering help to anyone in the 15 UP counties who are struggling with energy bills. According to one Superior Watershed Partnership representative, an increase of people needing assistance is likely, due to the financial strain the pandemic has caused.

“There is a definite group of people that do struggle with bills, especially in the Upper Peninsula because it is so expensive,” said Natalie Weidner, Self-Sufficiency Educator at the Superior Watershed Partnership. “We don’t have a lot of options for different companies for low prices. So at our core, there is always a group that’s in need. I’m guessing with who we’ve talked to so far that once things start to go back to normal, so to speak, that we’re going to get that group back as well as others who haven’t quite been in this situation before.”

Those wishing to receive assistance must go through the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, or MDHHS.

If additional assistance is needed, the Superior Watershed Partnership has grants to help with co-pays and subsequent heating and electric bills up to $2,000 per household.

The Superior Watershed Partnership also assists with energy education, financial counseling, and free home energy score assessments, along with helping recipients through the State Emergency Relief application process.

For more information, call the Superior Watershed Partnership at (906) 228-6095.