Marquette PD asking for assistance in counterfeit money investigation

MARQUETTE — The Marquette Police Department is requesting assistance in identifying a suspect in an investigation into counterfeit bills being used in the city.

The police are asking for any information regarding the suspect, who was involved with the passing of counterfeit bills at a local store. According to the police department, counterfeit bills have been used at multiple locations around the city for approximately the last week and a half.

The fake bills have been $50 bills, and there is a notable additional mark that is visible on the counterfeit bills that are not present on a legitimate $50 note. The bills also lack a watermark, color–shifting ink, and an embedded security thread.

The Marquette Police department is reminding people to properly inspect these bills for security markings, and you can visit their Facebook page for more information on how to identify counterfeit bills.

If anyone has information on the suspect pictured here, or the counterfeit bills, you’re asked to call the Marquette Police Department at (906)228–0400, or send a private message to their Facebook page.