Local law enforcement to increase patrols for July 4th weekend

MARQUETTE — With the Upper Peninsula being a popular tourist destination during the July 4th weekend, local law enforcement agencies are stepping up their efforts.

The Marquette Police Department will increase their patrols this weekend, to deal with the large influx of visitors from the Lower Peninsula and elsewhere. A main focus for law enforcement this year is COVID–related protocol, to make sure everyone stays safe and healthy.

“The biggest concern with the travelers is just making sure that they’re aware that we’re still under COVID precautions, and just making sure that people are doing social distancing, and when businesses require you to wear a mask, that you do so,” said Corporal John Rink of the Marquette Police Department. “Obviously we’re a community that has a lot of people travel to during the holiday, and we just want everyone to stay safe and healthy.”

Since the city of Marquette cancelled their fireworks and allows individuals to light them off instead, officers will be patrolling to ensure people are doing so in accordance with the city’s fireworks ordinance, which can be found on the police department’s Facebook page.

Littering on beaches is also a main concern, so officers and lifeguards will be making sure popular beach areas are clean as well.

The city police also remind people to stay hydrated while in the sun for extended periods of time.