OutBack Art Fair canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic

MARQUETTE — The OutBack Art Fair, originally scheduled to take place on July 25th and 26th, has now been canceled.

This announcement came a day after the cancellation of UP State Fair. Cindy Engle, Organizer of the OutBack Art Fair, says once they were told that they would be restricted to 250 people in attendance at one time, the fair just wasn’t feasible anymore.

“Everybody has been real supportive of us making the decision,” Engle said. “Most people feel it was the right decision. You know, they’re going to miss it, the artist are going to miss it. This is a big piece of people’s income for a year that’s not going to be in existence so it’s tough. People need to really watch their local artist and support them as much as they can.”

Engle says they really appreciate the public’s support during this time, and they hope to see everyone in 2021.

The dates for the event in 2021 are July 24th and 25th.