Local organizations team up to sponsor Feeding America Mobile Food Pantry

ISHPEMING — Several local organizations teamed up Thursday morning to sponsor a Feeding America Mobile Food Pantry at NORTHIRON Church in Ishpeming.

The event was sponsored by the West End Health Foundation, Superior Shore Systems, and GO Get Outside. Additional volunteers from the church, the local VFW, and the Superior Watershed Partnership’s Covid Community Crew assisted with loading food into cars as people drove through.

Pam Roose with the West End Health Foundation says it was a priority for them to help the community access fresh produce during the pandemic.

“We’re really excited to be able to help sponsor the Feeding America truck brought here to the West End,” said Roose. “It’s great to see the community coming together supporting people in need. It’s a difficult time for anybody to get fresh fruits and vegetables and the nutrition that we need, so we’re really excited to be able to bring it so conveniently here with a drive-up.”

Roose added that food insecurity is an issue West End Health is always looking for ways to assist the community with, and sponsoring a Feeding America truck was an opportunity to do just that. Volunteers were able to help a large number of people in need.

“We’ve been wanting to—and we have in the past—provide funding for Feeding America Trucks, and we wanted to provide extra support during this pandemic,” Roose said. “We feel that healthy food and nutrition help to improve the health of our population. And if we can support that in any way, such as a Feeding America Truck and providing access to food, it will make a difference in our community.”

Roose says it was a great experience to see so many local organizations come together to help community members.