Peter White Public Library unveils reopening plan

MARQUETTE — Marquette’s Peter White Public Library has unveiled its reopening plan.

While Governor Whitmer’s latest executive order opened the doors for retail stores, bars and restaurants, public libraries remain closed.

Although the plan takes some time to reopen the library, it’s a necessary first step in a frequently changing landscape.

“It’s exciting because there’s finally some leeway for the library to reengage our staff on-site, and that looks like the first step in reengaging with public service,” said Andrea Ingmire, Library Director. “It’s like every week there’s a new update, and we’re just rolling with the punches and making changes as we’re able to.”

The plan is divided into six stages: building preparation (which include stage 1 and 2), curbside pickup, limited building access, limited access in–person programming, and open for regular business.

Stage 1, which includes staff training and material rearrangement, will start on May 26th.

Stage 2 is expected to start on June 1st, followed a week later by Stage 3, on June 8th, although that date is tentative. The library staff would like to remind the public that curbside pickup will not be available until the state allows, so Stage 3 is subject to change.

More information on the reopening plan can be found on the library’s website here.