Digs giving back to the community during COVID-19

MARQUETTE — Digs Gastropub is selling Crown Royal mask to help the community during the COVID–19 pandemic.

The mask, which are made from recycled Crown Royal bags, cost $30 each, and $20 of it are going to Taste The Local Difference associated farms; where Digs is going to cook and deliver food to essential workers.

“If you give back to your community, the community will give back to you,” said Patrick Digneit, Co–Owner of Digs Gastropub. “In this trying time that everybody is in, all you can do is give to your community as much as you can. Everyone is going to help each other out. In one word: this is family. This is a family affair. It’s my wife, my in–laws and everybody at both of our restaurants are cutting and sewing mask so that we can really help the community. That’s what it’s all about; the community and family making it happen.”

Each household are limited to 4 masks.

Digs is also accepting different donations such as crown royal bags or money. If you would like to get in contact with for more information, click here.