Celebrate 4/20 safely: Marijuana can be harmful to pets

MARQUETTE COUNTY — Today is known as 4/20, where people celebrate marijuana and cannabis culture around the world. While it may be enjoyable for humans, marijuana can be harmful for pets.

Marijuana is toxic for animals, and can be dangerous when ingested in sizable quantities. For the safety of the pet, knowing the signs of a pet overdose is vital.

“The biggest thing is they are out of it,” said Dr. Kellie Holmstrom, veterinarian and owner of Animal Medical Center of Marquette. “They can have stumbling issues, so you want to keep them away from stairs, you want to keep them in an area that’s small, confined, so you can keep control of it and also some place it’s easy to clean up after them. You just want to keep them safe. Keep them confined to a small area.”

The biggest symptoms include the pet being lethargic and having trouble walking, along with laying on their side and urinating indiscriminately.

Be sure to keep your pet hydrated in a safe space that you can easily clean.

Pot brownies pose a double risk, as chocolate is especially toxic for dogs. Having your dog ingest 3% hydrogen peroxide can cause your dog to throw up both the chocolate and marijuana.

If your dog ingests a chocolate edible and symptoms persist, or if you can’t make them vomit, call your local veterinary office.