Get registered for the WEIRD (West End Indoor Bike Race Day) and find teams to join

ISHPEMING — The West End Indoor Bike Race is still looking for more teams to participate in the event.

The final day for registration is Friday, March 13th, and there are still quite a few teams looking for teammates. Teams only missing one or two teammates are looking for a couple members to join their group so that they can participate in on the weird event.

“I have a couple of teams that are not full yet,” said Debbie Leaf, Board Member for the WEIRD and RAMBA. “So I am actually looking for a couple of riders if anybody wants to join a team. Worst case scenario, you can maybe check the armory when we will be setting up on Friday. You can see if anybody is there that they can register through us or just show up to the race.”

The event so far has 14 adult and 8 children teams that are all signed up and ready to race. The event is looking for 25 teams total for both the adults and kids. That would bring it to 50 teams at a max for the event.

For sign up and registration for the Weird Bike Race, as well as, information in regards to finding teams, click here.

In search of finding teams or team members, you can call:

Laura MacDonald (906.361.9378)
Pam Roose (906.361.6043)
Debbie Leaf (RAMBA) (906.486.6306)