Blackrocks Brewery looking to expand after requisition of more space

MARQUETTE — Blackrocks Brewery has recently purchased the neighboring building to their pub and is looking to expand the iconic place to grab a few brews.

The brewery is looking to create a larger space for people to enjoy beers all year long. The pub is also looking to increase space for music entertainment, and possibly add some mugs for people to purchase and join their mug club family. Although it is a new purchase, the brewery is ambitious and is looking to get things moving quickly.

“I think it is going to be a phased out project,” explained David Manson, Ambassador of Fermentology at Blackrocks Brewery. “We are probably going to try and get some of the additional outdoor seating in place for the summer. This is while we work on the inside. A stretch goal would, which don’t hold me to it; we would love to have our 10th anniversary party there. That would then be in December of 2020.”

Blackrocks is determined to expand the experience to their customers, and is excited for the future of the brewery within the Marquette community.