Great Lakes Recovery Center event to educate community about foster care

MARQUETTE — On Tuesday, March 3, the Great Lakes Recovery Center will host a foster panel event in association with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

Those who have been participating in foster training will be completing their training at the event. The participants will have the opportunity to ask a panel of experts and individuals with foster experience questions about anything related to foster care.

Jackie Judd works for Great Lakes Recovery in recruiting, retaining, and training of foster parents. She also runs the U.P. Foster Closet. She says that anyone in the community interested in learning more about foster care is encouraged to come to the event. The panel discussion will allow them to get answers to any questions they may have.

“There’s such a high need for foster families in our area,” said Judd. “And the more people know about foster care and the more opportunity we give them to get their questions answered, I feel that they would be more able to open their homes for fostering. And that’s why it’s open to the public. For anybody who wants any questions answered, now would be a great time to get those answered.”

In addition to helping foster children and parents by running the Foster Closet, Judd is a foster parent herself. She says that although foster care can be challenging, it’s a rewarding experience that can help a child in so many ways.

“It’s grueling at times, but it’s super rewarding,” said Judd. “The rewards outweigh the bad stuff. The kids need a safe place to stay while their parents are working out details, and we are happy to provide that for them. We’ve fostered 23 children, and there are currently many placements. I run the Foster Closet, so I’m also busy with helping other families make their needs met through that. We provide clothing and essentials to foster families for the children that are placed with them.”

Anyone interested in attending is asked to RSVP to the event by contacting Jackie Judd by calling (760-373-0777) or by emailing More information can be found on the Upper Peninsula Foster Closet website or at the U.P. Foster Closet of Marquette Facebook page.