Gearing up with indoor bike trainers for “The WEIRD” indoor bike race

ISHPEMING — With the Weird indoor bike race event only two weeks away, it’s a good time to take a closer look at how people will be competing.

The West End Ski and Trail LLC, who is partnering up with the West End Health Foundation, was able to help provide a wholesale cost from the devices that will allow the Weird Indoor Bike Race to happen.

These devices are called indoor bike trainers, which will allow people to ride their bikes and compete indoors for the race this March. The West End Ski and Trail LLC will be storing, setting up, and fine tuning the 25 devices for the competition, which they hope will bring in some great competitors for the timed race.

“We are putting the bikes on the trainers where they stay in one spot,” explained Spencer Prusi, Owner of West End Ski and Trail LLC. “So it’s not a race where they are going around a circle or on a track. Then we will have computers hooked up to each one of the trainers or the bikes. This will tell us how far each individual or team has gone during that time frame for the race.”

For more information on the Weird Indoor Bike Race event you can click here to learn more about it from ABC 10 and the other sponsors.