West End Indoor Race Day event hosted by West End Health Foundation coming March 14th

ISHPEMING — The Weird or West End Indoor Race Day is a new event that will be hosted by the West End Health Foundation on March 14th.
The event is to help support organizations such as RAMBA and Start The Cycle.

The competition will consist of teams that compete in many different events. Some of these include racing, team names, outfits and bike builds. The best part is different groups in the community get to come together and raise money for youth in a friendly competitive way.

“This is going to be more for fun,” explained Laura MacDonald, Board President and Executive Director for Start the Cycle. “It is going to be challenging. We have had some banks that have called out other banks, realtors that called out other realtors and even two bike shops that called each other out about who said they could ride faster than the other. It is just all fun competition and in the end the win is for Start the Cycle and RAMBA.”

All funds raised to be utilized for trail improvements and getting at risk kids involved in a healthier lifestyle through biking.

ABC 10 will be sponsoring the event alongside RAMBA and Start The Cycle. For any further questions about the event and how to participate you can click here or contact the individuals below:

Pam Roose: pjxroose@gmail.com

Laura MacDonald: STCLauraMac@gmail.com