Superior Child Advocacy Center opens its doors to new facility

MARQUETTE COUNTY –The Superior Child Advocacy Center is officially open and looking to help give support to children who are going through difficult life events.

The Superior Child Advocacy Center has been a non-profit organization in Marquette County for 5 years. The group was started by the Marquette County Prosecutors office lead by Matt Wiese. Within the last year and a half the group was able to collaborate with other organizations such as, Suunta, to help jump start the advocacy center. With this new access to resources, the advocacy group will be able to help support young individuals in a more effective way. One of those ways being able to decrease the amount of times these individuals have to re-tell their painful stories. Other benefits include access to resources to help recover from sexual abuse and domestic abuse.

“Every time they re-tell it, it is reliving it and it is traumatic,” said Hannah Syrjala, Interim Executive Director of Superior Child Advocacy Center. “Our aim is to minimize that as much as we absolutely can. So after an original outcry or an original disclosure they are immediately in here and we will take care of the rest. So our main aim is to give these kids normal lives and there are a lot of kids in Marquette County that need us.”

The collaboration between Suunta and the Superior Child Advocacy Center will allow access to a multitude of resources in helping children. Some of these resources include Pediatric and Adult Social and Emotional Health, and Holistic Health services.

For more information you can click SUPERIOR CAC or SUUNTA for more.