Local family getting ready for World Championship Snowmobile Derby

ISHPEMING — One of the most popular pastimes in the Upper Peninsula is snowmobiling, and some in the area are preparing for the World Championship Snowmobile Derby.

For one local family, snowmobiling seems to be in their nature. Although it’s a hobby they all love, competing in such competitions is hard work.

“You can ask a lot of fathers, they’ll tell you that it’s just as much work every night during the week trying to get your snowmobiles ready than it is to even go to the track,” “It’s hard for the parents as well. It’s a great family time, this is a time of year we spend the most time together as a family.”

The snowmobiles are all custom–built, and are designed specifically to race on a circular track on ice. However, the races are just as much about the people, as they are about the machines themselves.

“It’s fun, and you get to see friends and meet people,” said Ben Meyer, one of the racing brothers. “I’ts fun to be with your family and friends there,” added Derek Meyer, another one of the racing brothers.

The 57th annual World Championship Snowmobile Derby will take place this Friday in Eagle River, Wisconsin.

Racers from across the world are competing in the races, although the Upper Peninsula should be well represented.