HANCOCK — It is known as the third snowiest city in the United States and city leaders in Hancock spend a lot of time planning events that will to bring money to the area. It can be a challenge but it’s a continual search for fresh ideas.

From Bridge Fest to the Midwinter Festival to the Farmers Market the city of Hancock is host to a number of different events throughout the year. It’s just one of the reasons they meet every month to figure out how they’ll promote them all. Hidden from the public’s eye just fewer than two dozen business owners from the Hancock area are behind closed doors doing what they do best, planning the cities upcoming future money making events. Among this elite group you’ll find people like the owner of Hancock’s only dress shop giving their input about how things should be.

Diane Eschbach owns Celebrations Bridal and says, “Well, it’s an opportunity to promote our businesses and to work together to coordinate events in downtown Hancock and with the area so that we can bring people into the city. “

She’s been a successful business woman for decades. It’s why she’s on the planning committee for things like ‘The Midwinter Festival’, a big money maker for this area. They all help to decide the planning and promoting.

‘Bridgfest’ is another one of those events based also in Hancock. It too brings in thousands of visitors and even more revenue which is what it’s all about.

They hold the meeting at an art gallery, also in business for more than 20 years and run by another leading business owner who admits there is a little competition that exists between nearby Houghton.

Cynthia Cote says, “It is, it exists. But, we have done things together and a lot of our events take place in both cities so we really strive to work with one another too. It’s not really like us and them.”

She says the two cities make more money when they coordinate together. This monthly meeting is always looking for new members. You don’t have to be a business owner.